Alice Koller

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     Special note about the publishing:

     A percentage of the patron funds sufficient to cover publishing and delivery costs for the promised copies of the new book will be held in an account separate from the account that will support the writing. In the course of deciding which publishing house or university press will do the actual publishing, that percentage will be negotiated along with other terms in the publishing contract.

     Letters of interest from publishers written on company or university stationery will be carefully studied and responded to.

     Alice Koller requests, however, that patrons not send letters or other materials along with the filled-out

f o r m that accompanies their checks, because correspondence requires attention that would otherwise be fully focused on writing the book itself. Any such letters will be filed for safekeeping, to be read only after the publication process has begun.

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Q   Copy of Book Autographed to Patron,

      including a note (write in the amount)

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